3 File Folder Organization Tips

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File folders remain a popular tool for organizing documents, receipts, bills, statements, and other papers. You may store them in a filing cabinet or a box of the appropriate size. These tips will help you get the most out of your filing system:

1. You can organize documents more precisely when you have more folders. For example, you could put dental, eye care, medical and pharmacy papers in separate places rather than creating a catch-all “health” section. Office supply stores often charge much lower per-unit prices if customers buy these folders in large quantities.

2. When you place each new folder in a cabinet or file storage box, position it in a logical way. Sort alphabetically and arrange yearly files from newest to oldest. You’ll find papers even more quickly if you use color-coded folders or labels. Try to choose relevant colors, like blue for water bills and green for lawn care.

3. Write a broad category name in uppercase letters at the beginning of each folder label. This technique saves time because it ensures that related papers go together when you sort them alphabetically. For instance, you could benefit from writing “HOME Insurance” and “HOME Repairs” rather than “Fire insurance” and “House maintenance.”

Basically, you can improve organization by splitting files into many subcategories and sorting them in ways that make it easy to find any folder in an instant. Although it may demand a bit more time and money at first, this strategy will increase your office productivity.

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