3 Great Book Series for Any Fantasy Fan

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Are you on your tenth re-read of Harry Potter, or just looking to fill the hole left by Game of Thrones? Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent fantasy books out there for any reader. Whether you’re looking to get lost in a fantastic world of might and magic, go on an action-packed, fast-paced adventure, there’s something out there for you.

For the fan of world-building, grand adventures, and a big cast of memorable characters, you should look no further than Robert Jordans ‘Wheel of Time‘. A whopping 14 books spanning over 10,000 pages, this epic saga features an exciting yet familiar fantasy world, with fantastic creatures, magical powers, and far-off lands of wonder and mystery. There’s something to love for every fantasy reader. Following a group of young farmers-turned-heroes, this classic tale of Light vs. Dark will keep you reading for a long time. Unfortunately, Robert Jordan himself passed away before completing the series, but author Brandon Sanderson finished it, with Jordan’s notes, in a respectful and true-to-form way.

Sanderson is a well-known writer beyond his work on the legendary ‘Wheel of Time’ series. He has written many amazing and popular books of his own. Perhaps one of his best known is the ‘Mistborn’ trilogy. ‘Mistborn‘ is a little different from most fantasy tales in that it takes place a thousand years after the legendary hero saved the world, but himself has turned into a tyrant only called the ‘Lord Ruler.’ Following young ‘Vin,’ a thief just trying to survive in an unfriendly world and dragged on an adventure she didn’t ask want.

Last but certainly not least, and probably not for children either, would be the ‘Powder Mage‘ trilogy. Author Brian McClellan whisks us away to what comes off as a reimagining of the French Revolution with magic. ‘Powder Mage’ is an extremely fast-paced, action-packed romp through an imaginative world reminiscent of the 1800’s global society. Cannons, spices, kings, queens, and violent revolutions abound in this unique world featuring extremely creative magic and the kind of stuff you’d expect out of an 80s action movie, including the macho-man lead and one of the titular ‘Powder Mages’ Tamas. Probably the shortest of the series listed here, ‘Powder Mage’ is also a trilogy, but it does not lack for action or exciting world-building and excellent storytelling!

Fantasy as a genre is something of a golden age. New fantasy titles come out all the time across all kinds of sub-genres. With stories featuring vampires, pirates, star-crossed lovers, and even detectives, fantasy reaches across the genre line and offers everybody something.

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