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5 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

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So you want to make money on YouTube, but don’t know how? Keep reading to find 5 tips to help you start your YouTube journey.

Tip #1

Just start. The fear of failure is strong, and you might fail, but you’ll never succeed if you don’t start. You don’t have to be perfect to start, but you have to start to be perfect.

Tip #2

Publish Evergreen content. A big mistake many people make is publishing content that’s too topical. It’s okay to publish topical content, but that isn’t where your income will come from. Evergreen content is essential to building a channel that grows.

Tip #3

Figure out who your audience is, and write content for that niche. Find a niche and target audience, and get specific.

Tip #4

Engage with your audience. Always favorite at least one comment, and make sure you’re engaging with your audience when they comment on your video. Your engagement will develop your relationship with your viewers who will then subscribe to your channel.

Tip #5

Remind your viewers to interact with your video. The YouTube algorithm will reward you and your viewers for engagement. Remind them to Like, Subscribe, Share, and turn on Notifications.

Bonus Tip

Use end cards in all of your videos. This will enable you to link to other related videos from you or other creators and link to your channel.

Using these tips, you can join thousands of other content creators and influencers on YouTube, and begin earning money that might one day become your primary income instead of just a side hustle.