5 Tools to Help Scale Up Your Festival/Event

5 Tools to Help Scale Up Your Festival/Event post thumbnail image
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Proper planning and execution are paramount for growing your festival. And having the right tools for the job can make the journey easier, the time more enjoyable, and the goals more attainable. To help you along the way, we’ve gathered up five tools to help take your festivals to the next level.


Momice is professional event software designed to take care of all of your needs. It helps you create a website, gather statistics, registration and ticketing, a personalized festival email, and much more. It’s an all-in-one solution to help manage your events. While based in Europe, Momice is available to everyone worldwide. You just need an internet connection.


A social media presence is a must to grow your festival. Luckily, Everwall is here to help integrate a social media wall at your event, giving you real-time feedback and interaction with attendees and beyond. Boasting updates that come in fractions of a second, Everwall’s clients include major companies like Intel and Samsung.


You’re also going to need a proper payment management system. No cash and you’re festival won’t last! Oveit offers a closed-loop payment system. It’s secure, on a closed-loop system, and easy to use and integrate. Whether a large, established festival or a budding startup, they have a payment solution for you. They also have a free trial for events up 1,000 attendees.


It’s not a one-man (or woman) show, and keeping connected with your partners is essential for a successful event. Trello has got you covered here. It’s a project management tool with lists and boards that helps everything organized and prioritized. It’s a fancy to-do list, but one you can share to help keep productivity high.


Having the proper team and volunteers are key to scaling up your festival, and IntLive is a great tool to help manage recruiting, communications, and scheduling. An added benefit of IntLive is their event day app, which gives you all the managing capabilities in real-time. So, for instance, if you have a no-show volunteer, you can easily know and replace them. You can also send out messages quickly to targeted groups to ensure everything runs smoothly. It allows you to stay on top of everything during the entire event.

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