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A Barrier Between Self and Society: A Necessity of Circumstance and Keeping Personal Distance

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An individual can be shaped by the various problems in his life, whether they are personal, financial, social, or even legal. Depending on how he manages to solve these problems, it is the aftermath of coping with his everyday life that will determine his present as well as future decisions. Small problems are not much of an issue for him, but those of greater impact will take a toll on his life as well as his relationships and finances. When the person is completely drained such that he has found it difficult, if not impossible, to cope, he makes a personal decision which will affect himself as well as the people around him.

In placing a barrier, or a “curtain,” between himself and the society he lives in, the individual must have good intentions for doing so. Some would assume that he has ulterior motives, but that would be judging him harshly for his decision. There are many reasons why the individual made this choice, and it pains him to admit that it was never an easy decision to make on his part.

As far as his family is concerned, the individual thinks it best that his own kin do not suffer the same fate as he had experienced. He does that on the premise he does not want his own family to hurt themselves or get in harm’s way. The concern he has for his close family is very showing, and he will do his best to insulate them from any untoward situation that is not of their own doing. It is the love and care that they have for their kin which will drive them to some extremes just to maintain their barrier. Close friends are treated the same way as family members, although they are not privy to secrets known only to the family regarding the individual.

People also create barriers as a necessity of circumstance, such as preparing for major examinations which will either make or break his life and career. Family issues and problems will not be of concern to the individual while he is preparing for the tests. Any form of distraction which will shatter his concentration will cause him to go back to the beginning to prepare anew, and that is the last thing he wants to happen.

While people create barriers between themselves to protect their family and for reasons of necessity, some see the situation as nothing more than isolating oneself from his own problem. By cutting oneself off from his friends and the society he lives in, the individual develops a closed mind and heart. They avoid any form of interaction. This would be regarded as a draconian form of isolation, but it is for the benefit of the individual. People who have been wrongly accused of a criminal offense, as well as those at large and still being hunted by the authorities, belong to this particular category. This form of isolation is not intended to discourage society from interacting with the individual but is more focused on protecting the individual from being tracked down by law enforcement. The individual’s transactions with government agencies and private institutions are very restricted, as he may even be detected and located, thanks to modern technology. The individual is also discouraged from participating in various activities out of concern for his own safety and well-being. Some unscrupulous persons will pretend to befriend the individual and ask seemingly innocent questions which will make the individual reveal himself, and when he is out in the open, he will be trapped and arrested. This situation is precisely the greater evil which the individual seeks to prevent. At the same time, it is also the very reason why he has set up his barrier – to create a personal distance.

Thus, the creation of a social barrier exists as a reason of necessity, and as a form of keeping distance. Depending on the individual, he may choose to erect his own curtain based on either or both of these circumstances.