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A Short History & Overview of Benjasiri Park, Bangkok

City Buildings Skyline Cityscape  - choedpilai / Pixabay
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Benjasiri Park is a relatively compact park located in downtown Bangkok. Situated between Soi 22 & 24 on the Sukhumvit Road, the park measures approximately 5 hectares in size and forms a rectangle which fully encloses a central pond. Rather smaller than Bangkok’s major parks, it is known amongst locals as a “friendly” park — a place for light exercise and gentle, cultural activities. This balance between the active and the recuperative makes Benjasiri a popular recreation spot for families, local workers, and tourists.

A Harmonious and Royal Park

The park, also known as Queen’s Park, is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand and was opened on August 12th, 1992, to mark her 60th birthday. The dates are particularly meaningful: August 12th is Mother’s Day in Thailand and Queen Sirikit, also Thailand’s Queen Mother, celebrated her “fifth cycle” birthday on the day the park opened — each cycle being 12 years. A large, golden sculpture in the shape of a coin bears an image of Her Majesty near the park’s main entrance. In total there are 12 statues and sculptures by famous Thai artists scattered throughout the park. Created in a primarily modernistic style, but with themes focusing on motherhood, gentility, and femininity, they complement Benjasiri’s general air of recuperative relaxation and wellbeing.

Small, but Much to Offer!

The park is open from 5:00 am until 9:00 pm daily and is at its busiest after 5:30 pm when temperatures become more moderate and nearby offices begin to empty. The park boasts multiple exercise options, many of them free or very inexpensive. There are regular public yoga & aerobic classes and a 25-meter public swimming pool; the park is also popular with joggers and cyclists, for whom dedicated cycle lanes are provided. Benjasiri also caters for a variety of other sports: volleyball, basketball, weightlifting and sepak takraw (kick volleyball) are commonly encountered. Still, and despite being very fitness-friendly, the park’s primary purpose is to offer a reflective sanctuary from the busy metropolis on its borders.

A Balanced Refuge from Bangkok’s Bustle

One of Benjasiri’s more striking features is the contrast to be found between the tranquility of the park’s interior and its surrounding confines. But being in central Bangkok does lend the park one great advantage in that is very easily accessible, particularly by BTS (SkyTrain) to Phrom Phong Station (Exit 6). Simply wander through the adjacent Emporium mall, past Fendi and Tiffany and Dior and Burberry… And emerge to find yourself immediately within the genuine splendor & wealth of Benjasiri Park — a small, but truly beautiful, blue-green jewel in Bangkok’s crown!