Affordable Gifts for the Board Gamer in your Life

Affordable Gifts for the Board Gamer in your Life post thumbnail image
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As board games become more popular, more and more people face the daunting task of shopping for the hobbyist they know and love. For many, the price tag attached to designer board games can be surprising and over-budget when gift shopping. Fortunately, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that any board game hobbyist will be happy to receive!

Many board games use cards of one kind or another. Cards are one of the most used components in any game, and because of that heavy usage, they can wear out quickly and even become unusable. That’s where card sleeves come in. Card sleeves will significantly increase the lifespan of any cards used in board games, and they come in many styles and sizes. Some are transparent, which is useful for keeping things organized, while others come in various colors and can be used to separate different kinds of cards or for card games like Magic, with different decks of cards. Keep in mind there are several sizes of sleeves, so you may have to do some homework to ensure you don’t buy a bundle of sleeves that are the wrong size!

Although board games come in a box (usually), storage is a real issue for most hobbyists. Alternative storage is always welcome. From simple things like deck boxes for cards, to a shoebox that’s divided into parts, to custom made inserts for their favorite games, this market is quite large.

As when buying card sleeves, you have to be careful that any storage you buy will fit. Custom inserts make an incredible gift, but only if they’re the right dimensions for the box. Tailor-made inserts might be attractive, but they can be pretty pricey. Perhaps the more unusual option is to grab a couple of tackle boxes. Typically, a tackle box has several compartments already built into it that are perfect for storing various board game parts and speed-up set up to help get the game going faster.

Cards may be a standard component, but many board games use cardboard tokens of various shapes and sizes. In many cases, you can replace these tokens with a bit of creativity. For instance, if the game refers to ‘gold,’ plastic golden coins can be a fun and often more durable replacement! Dice of different shapes and sizes can also replace components, such as point or resource trackers.

Board games can be an expensive hobby, but that doesn’t mean it should be costly to get gifts for a board gamer. Luckily, accessories to many board games are affordable and make excellent gifts. Sometimes these things are obvious, like card sleeves, whereas others are a little more peculiar, like tackle boxes; there is a perfectly affordable option that any board gamer will be happy to receive!

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