Black Chasm Cavern: An Awe Inspiring Experience

Black Chasm Cavern: An Awe Inspiring Experience post thumbnail image
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Are you interested in natural wonderment? Does the earth’s organic beauty captivate and inspire you? If so, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and set a date aside to awe at the majestic and beautiful Black Chasm Cavern — a newly announced National Landmark — just outside the small quaint village of Volcano, Pine Grove, California. A great opportunity to go out with friends and family, or even to schedule a field-trip with the school kids, the Black Chasm Cavern will leave you with joyful memories, and an appreciation for the earth’s beauty.

The cavern staff welcomes visitors by hosting an hour-long tour by a grounds expert, which descends down stairs and walkways — complete with rails if you require assistance — giving you an initial peek at what’s to come. Here, you can take in the naturally concaved cavern walls and ceiling, while appreciating the beauty of mother earth’s organic grounds.

Once further beneath, the cavern begins to unfurl and reveal itself. Here is where you get to view the various flowstones, stalactites, draperies, and helictites both bunched up and scattered all around the cavern walls. Similar to a collection of sparkling jewelry in a jewelry-box, the Black Chasm Cavern proudly shines its array of gems and stones, putting earth’s radiance on display.

Looking to explore further? Consider an expedition tour. Here, experienced guides lead you into the chasm’s depths, via rock climbing or canoeing. Explore through tunnels, bond with friends and family, and get active while enjoying an underground adventure. Reservations, however, are required.

After you’ve taken it all in, and your underground sight-seeing is complete, you now have the choice to enjoy some above ground fun. The chasm staff offers its visitors gemstone mining, gold panning, tower climbing, and even a nature hike. Or simply relax with a snack on a picnic table.

The Black Chasm Cavern is open every day and year round. Consider a visit to the Black Chasm Cavern today, and enjoy one of earth’s great hidden gems.

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