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Clear Quartz and Its Benefits

Crystal Stone Rock Crystal Quartz  - KatinkavomWolfenmond / Pixabay
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Clear Quartz is one of many gemstones that are collected by people all around the world. They serve many purposes if used correctly. These gems can help people in both mental and physical ways. People who use gems for these purposes are often spiritual and participate in the Wiccan and Pagan religions. People who are interested in using gemstones and their healing benefits do not have to be a part of either of these religions, but in recent years, these religions have made a resurgence as well as the use of gemstones.

After purchasing gemstones, it is best to cleanse and charge them in some way. For clear quartz, the best way to do this is to either use freshwater or saltwater. First, you should place the gem under running water and rinse it off. Then, soak it in water for a minute. Finally, pat the gem with a towel until dry. Once that is complete, the gemstone is successfully cleansed. This is just one method out of many. Other methods include salt, moonlight, a singing bowl, sunlight, selenite, and clear quartz itself. Crystal owners should make an effort to cleanse and charge them at least once every month.

Clear Quartz is called the master healing crystal. This gem holds many benefits for the body, both mentally and physically. Some of the benefits for the physical body are assistance in relieving vertigo, intestinal problems, and fatigue. Carrying this gemstone can also lead to improvements in strength and stamina. For mental benefits, it offers mental clarity and concentration.