Come on Down to the Copper State

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Arizona. A place steeped in Old West history, stunning scenery, and one-of-kind attractions. Just driving through the area and admiring the canyons, Joshua tree forests and expansive desert landscapes is an experience in itself. Below are some of the attractions you’ll want to check out along the way.

Heard Museum, Phoenix

Arizona has an animated history, especially when it comes to American Indian Art and culture which is beautifully displayed in exhibits at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Learn about the past and present of the people, immerse yourself in their long history and culture, and learn about their contributions to the state and southwest region as a whole.

The Grand Canyon

No article about Arizona attractions is complete without mentioning the grandest attraction of them all, the Grand Canyon. As one of the top attractions on the planet, the Grand Canyon combines scenery, geography, history, culture and outdoor adventure all into one superb attraction that spans many miles and several states. Hiking, donkey rides, camping, and white water rafting are just some of the activities you can participate in. Attractions within the canyon include the Skywalk, majestic Havasu Falls, Yavapai Geological Museum and Bookstore, Tusayan Museum and many scenic look-offs. You have the choice to see the canyon via guided tour or to explore it on your own.

Combine these attractions and more with a road trip along one of America’s most iconic roadways, Route 66. Along the way, see more of Arizona’s top attractions including Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park, Meteor Crater, Sedona, and Walnut Canyon National Monument.

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