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Comparison: Box Fans vs. Tower Fans

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This concise article compares the performance, features, sizes and prices of two major fan styles. Readers also learn about ease of assembly. The author concludes by briefly mentioning various retailers that sell both products.
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When you need to cool down your home or office, tower and box fans provide two convenient options. Both types of equipment can be placed on the floor and put to use almost immediately. Nonetheless, you should consider several important differences before making a purchase.


The biggest advantage of a tower fan is the small amount of space that it occupies. You’ll appreciate this machine’s compact footprint if you live in a crowded dormitory. However, towers tend to weigh one or two pounds more than the alternative.


Tower-style units run very quietly, and most models have the ability to oscillate. This feature enables them to intermittently cover a wider area. On the other hand, a box fan moves at least 25 percent more air. It operates more efficiently as well.


Box fans remain relatively basic; a single knob lets you turn the machine on or off and select one of three speeds. A tower unit often has extra features, such as an air ionizer, remote control, timer or heating function. It may provide numerous speed options.


Thanks to the greater complexity of the above-mentioned features, tower fans normally fetch somewhat higher prices than other products. They also demand a bit more assembly work. A box fan usually requires little or no assembly.

The bottom line is that towers provide the quietest and most compact choice, but box fans offer a more powerful and economical solution. You can find either product at a wide range of department, discount and hardware stores.