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Declutter These Things in Thirty Seconds (Or Less!)

Scattered Clutter Mess Parchment  - chenspec / Pixabay
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Clutter can be overwhelming, especially when you’re so busy that you don’t have time to clean. Thankfully, there are some simple tasks you can do in thirty seconds (or less!) that can make a major difference in your cleanliness. Here are twenty things you can declutter in thirty seconds:

Tracked dirt by the door
Empty shampoo bottles in the shower
Cups anywhere but the sink/dishwasher
Makeup on the bathroom counter
Food packages anywhere but the kitchen trash
Trash in your purse
Books off the bookshelf
Clothes on the floor
Clothes on your exercise equipment
Dishes on the table
Dishes on your desk
Pens on your desk
Kids toys on the floor
Wet towels on the bathroom floor
Takeout menus you’ll never use
Coat hangers left out from getting dressed
The ironing board in the middle of the room
Shoes on the floor
That pile of junk mail
Candy wrappers in your coat pockets
Starbucks cups in your car
Unseasonal decorations leaning against the wall
Reusable shopping bags scattered on the floor
Scrap paper piled on your desk

Even taking the time to do one or two of these can help you feel less overwhelmed by junk and clutter until you have time or motivation to tackle something a little bigger. And what more, checking off a few things on this list might be the spark you need to light up that motivation. So choose a task, set your timer for thirty seconds, and get your living space looking a little cleaner and more comfortable.