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Discipline: What’s Really Needed When Starting Archery

Pterosaur Woman Arrow Archer  - Dieterich01 / Pixabay
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When you pick up your first bow, expect your instructors or coaches to pound the basics of archery into you. They’re going to be harsher than the toughest drill instructors and for good reason.

Archery is a sport that centers on discipline, and this is manifested in two things. It is first manifested in its rigorous concern of safety; make no mistake, archery done in negligence can result in injuries at best, and fatalities at worst. Never aim your bow at another person, and always draw the bow properly. These, and many others, are the simple ways that we archers use discipline to uphold both our own safety and that of those around us.

While many archers are disciplined with regards to safety, they still end up being inattentive of another aspect of archery: consistency. Archery is a sport of discipline, because it takes thousands of meticulous hours to hone the body to shoot every arrow consistently. Draw the bow the same way, aim at the same spot, and release the arrow in the same manner, and you’re guaranteed to hit that bullseye every time. This is why instructors are so hard on archers because failing to be consistent at even one small thing largely affects where arrows will land.

Safety and consistency. These two require immense dedication from an archer, so expect your first hours at the range to be spent in building up discipline. Doing so will allow you to maintain safety and at the same time develop your consistency.