How to Get Discounts at PetSmart

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PetSmart is a major pet store chain that sells food, toys, bedding, collars, medications, and small animals. It also offers various services such as boarding and grooming. Shoppers who want to conserve cash may benefit from a variety of discounts:


With a few exceptions, this retailer accepts store, manufacturer, and even competitor-issued coupons. You can receive additional personalized coupons if you download the company’s free smartphone software at Google Play or Apple’s App Store.


PetSmart’s Treats loyalty program enables shoppers to collect points when they buy products and services. You may exchange these credits for a discount on a future purchase. Points expire after approximately 12 months. Treats members also benefit from other exclusive promotions.


If you’re a senior or serve in the military, you can save money on PetsHotel services. You’ll pay 10 percent less for overnight boarding. Be sure to bring proper identification to verify your age or military enrollment status.


When they buy their company’s products, PetSmart employees spend 15 percent less than other customers. You’ll qualify for this discount if you work in a store, office or distribution center. The rules forbid staff members from reselling discounted goods.


You may find that Petco or another rival offers a significantly lower price, but you can’t easily travel to the competitor’s store. If this happens, take advantage of PetSmart’s price-matching guarantee. Keep in mind that it doesn’t apply to sale or clearance items.

Store Pickup

As of 2020, PetSmart reduces prices by 10 percent when customers order merchandise online and pick it up at a store. It excludes a number of products from this offer, such as prescription drugs and gift cards.


If you register for the Auto Ship program, this retailer will regularly deliver consumable products to your home. For instance, you could request monthly shipments of cat food and treats. Shoppers qualify for a 5 percent discount when they enroll.

The bottom line is that you can greatly reduce your pet expenses if you make the most of this company’s loyalty program, online ordering incentives and generous coupon policy. Likewise, PetSmart’s price-matching guarantee may enable you to forgo lengthy trips.

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