How to Use a Planner to Prevent Procrastination

How to Use a Planner to Prevent Procrastination post thumbnail image
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Procrastination is not your friend, but a planner is. A planner can help you become much more focused on what needs to get done and may prevent pushing it off by a long mile. You can hold yourself accountable, which will, in turn, have a ripple effect throughout your life and could quite possibly lead you to success.

Whether you’re making your own or have a store-bought one ready, there are often two ways you can utilize a planner to benefit your work and stop procrastination.

Keep track of all your goals and progress

Having your goals laid out within a planner, including possible deadlines you want to achieve them by, can be very rewarding in the long run, literally. Keeping track of these goals sounds easy until you become unmotivated and struggle to find the motivation to pick it back up again. Putting rewards at the head of every goal will push you to achieve it because you want that reward. For example, if you wanted to lose 15 pounds in 35 days and you reached that goal, you might allow yourself to buy a new pair of leggings.

A planner can help you utilize this form of progression by offering a calendar and a place for notes. If you are creating your own, you could list dates you want to achieve with a notes bar to jot down progression and rewards, if that’s what you think will best fit your needs. You can plan this out as a full year, or go month by month.

Though, if you aren’t interested in rewards, a planner is still a wonderful way to keep track of those goals, when you want to get them done, and how far you have left to go. It is a great source of fuel for productivity when everything is laid out in front of you.

Set your own deadlines

If you are someone who struggles with procrastination, create your own deadlines and push yourself to get it done before then. Set a date and stick to it. Off to the side, you can offer yourself a reward for this as well. If you have something you’ve been trying to get done for such a long time but keep pushing it off, give yourself a deadline of two weeks to get it done.

Pushing yourself to complete that task and move onto the next. Plants grow when they are watered and in the right environment to do so. Keep moving until you find that environment, and water yourself. That is how you grow, and growth is where you find success.

These are two beneficial ways to utilize a planner while offering yourself a reward, much deserved, to get it done. Procrastination often leads to reduced motivation but increased stress when you are doing something at the last minute because you know you need to.

When you train your mind to believe that you want to do this task instead of it being a need, by offering yourself something in return to complete it, your productivity will increase. An increase in productivity causes less stress if time is used wisely and breaks are included successful outcomes and a positive outlook on life.

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