Is Rocksbox Jewelry for you?

Is Rocksbox Jewelry for you? post thumbnail image
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Let me introduce you to, the online, jewelry loan “store.” It works like this: you sign up for $19 a month (most of the time you can find a free month coupon online), set up your style profile, and wait for your jewelry to come right to your door! Rocksbox sends out three pieces at a time based off of your style profile and wish list. At any point in time, you can send back the three pieces and receive three more pieces.

Do you wear jewelry on a daily basis?
This membership can be worth the money if you can use it daily. If you only wear jewelry on the weekends or special occasions, this is not for you.

Are you proactive at getting things in and out of the mail?
Believe it or not, a lot of people only check their mail once a week! You could also leave the box ready to be returned on the counter for a week before sending it back out. The $19 membership fee allows you to return the jewelry as many times as you want, so in order to get what you are paying for, you should stay on top of returning and receiving the items.

What if you want to keep a piece?
No worries, each piece can be purchased and stay in its new home! The prices for each piece come on a slip of paper with your order. You also receive a $10 credit toward the purchase of an item (or more if you purchase the entire set).

What if you dislike all of the pieces?
No problem! Just return the set as soon as possible and go back into your style guide to make sure that your stylist can better understand your taste.

I know nothing about jewelry!
This is what makes this membership service so much fun! The stylist will send you pieces that look great separately or together. The pieces are also very versatile, so it makes pairing with outfits a breeze! You get to try things that you may never actually purchase in a store, and if you don’t like it, you simply send it back, and if you love it, you keep it forever!

What is the jewelry like?
Most pieces are name brand and well known (if you are up-to-date in this area), great quality, and fashionable. Prices range a lot! The good part about that is you may get to wear something expensive that you may never have been able to without this service. The bad part is that if you fall in love with it and can’t afford it, you will have to send it back.

The Good:
• Fast shipping
• The ability to wear before you purchase
• Stay current on fashion trends in jewelry without clutter
• No need to go out shopping for new pieces, these come right to your door
• Learn about your taste by trying new styles without breaking the bank on something you may only wear once

The Bad:
• Constant turn around to make your membership fee worth it means more trips to and from the mailbox
• A few days without any pieces during shipping time

The Ugly:
• If you have small children or pets that like to play with your glitz and glamor, you may end up paying for broken or lost pieces
• The pieces may be out of your price range, and you risk liking something you cannot keep
• It may take a while to get your stylist to understand what you are looking for which wastes your time and money

To sum up, may be great for you, may be something you could try out for a few months to find your style, or it may be something you should stay away from and put that hard earned money toward something more useful. The company seems great, but just like anything, it’s not for everyone.

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