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Organize Your Space for Maximum Productivity

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“First of all, clean your room.”

This is what renowned clinical psychologist and speaker Jordan Peterson says whenever he talks about personal development. One cannot stress enough the importance of organization in our lives. And our outer space reflects our inner state of mind as well as affects it.

If your room is always full of clutter, it not only becomes physically unhygienic and uninhabitable, but can also be mentally exhausting. The difference between an organized space and a cluttered one can be incredibly stark.


Hoarders are people who keep on accumulating stuff in their house and have trouble getting rid of them. Even when you don’t use something, letting go of it can be emotionally painful. Before things become unbearable for you and your near ones, you have to get past this resistance to let go.


Recall how tiresome it is every time you have to search for your umbrella when it rains. You search the whole house down, only to find it hanging behind the kitchen door! Organization doesn’t just mean getting rid of unrequired items but also grouping similar things and labeling them for future use.


When you realize how mentally rewarding it feels to live in an organized place, it becomes a habit that carries forward to other aspects of life. The trick is to do a little bit of cleaning and organizing every day instead of holding massive scale campaigns every six months. And sooner than later, your place starts radiating so much positivity, you can not wait to come back home!