Should You Buy an Electric Baseboard Heater or Space Heater?

Should You Buy an Electric Baseboard Heater or Space Heater? post thumbnail image
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Around one out of three Americans use electricity as their most significant heat source, and many more people depend on it for supplemental heating. If you want to benefit from electric heat in your home or office, you’ll need to decide between baseboard and space heaters.

Space Heater Advantages

Most portable electric heaters offer excellent versatility. You may move this appliance from room to room and point it in any direction. Renters appreciate the fact that you can also take these devices with you when you move to a different home.

Space heaters cost less than baseboard units and most other heating equipment. There’s no need to pay an electrician to install or replace these appliances; you only have to plug them into standard outlets. Keep in mind that it’s often dangerous to use extension cords.

Baseboard Heater Benefits

An electric baseboard heating system has a space-saving design with a low profile and no visible cords. You can control these units with convenient wall-mounted thermostats that give the equipment a more sophisticated appearance.

Unlike most alternatives, these systems normally don’t contain fans or moving parts. This minimizes noise levels and reduces upkeep. Owners benefit from greater safety because these fixtures usually have dedicated electrical circuits and can’t be knocked over.

Electric Power Consumption

Baseboard and space heaters consume similar amounts of energy. Some models of either type have low and high settings. While a thermostat determines how long the equipment runs, the heat setting lets you decide how many watts of power it draws while operating.

Each option appeals to different people. A space heater proves desirable when you have a tight budget and need supplemental heat. If your home lacks a central heat system or you want to pay extra for the safest and most seamless option, baseboard units are probably best.

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