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Where to Put an ATM in Your Business

Debit Card Credit Card Payment  - kreatikar / Pixabay
Shop, restaurant and hotel owners learn how to wisely choose locations for their automatic teller machines. This detailed article discusses safety, visibility, surveillance, radio interference and other important factors. It also suggests complementary products that retailers could place near ATMs.
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More than 3 million ATMs exist throughout the world. You can find many of them in businesses, such as hotels, convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and colleges. Cash machines often help attract customers and boost revenue; optimal placement is crucial to success.


This equipment typically needs access to 120-volt electrical power and a phone or internet connection. The location must also provide suitable temperatures and humidity levels. For example, some indoor models only function reliably at 50 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


People prefer to use ATMs in safe places with adequate lighting. Outdoor units often put customers at greater risk. Nevertheless, a secluded indoor location could also attract criminals. It’s best if patrons or staff members frequently pass by the machine.


Visitors can use outdoor ATMs at any hour. However, these machines face greater exposure to severe weather. An indoor unit is generally preferable for any 24-hour business because it benefits from greater protection and remains accessible throughout the night.


Conspicuous ATMs normally draw more customers. You could position a machine near your store’s entrance or checkout area. If you don’t have enough space, you can compensate for a less obvious location by installing highly visible signs.


Criminals might tamper with an ATM if they believe that no one will see them. Try to place this equipment where employees and security cameras can monitor it. This reduces the risk that someone will vandalize the unit or install an illicit card reader known as a “skimmer.”


Some pieces of equipment can disrupt ATM operations by producing excessive amounts of radio interference. Avoid putting these machines next to motors, security systems, TV sets, compressors, or signs with neon lettering.


If you run a retail business, consider placing an ATM near merchandise that might appeal to its users. These items may include prepaid debit cards, money orders, wallets, or checkbook covers. You could also put up a poster that advertises a store credit card.


Leave plenty of extra space in front of the equipment. When a person withdraws cash, this task shouldn’t interfere with access to products or a checkout line. Users may feel nervous if people keep walking around them and standing too close.

It’s important to put an ATM in a convenient, visible place that isn’t dark, lonely, or excessively busy. Be sure to meet the machine’s needs as well. It requires a location with reliable utility connections, limited interference, and suitable temperatures.