Where to Put an Electric Fireplace

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Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular because they offer an attractive, low-maintenance heat source. While this appliance would probably seem out of place in your kitchen or home gym, several other locations may prove desirable:


An electric fireplace could make your bedroom more cozy and romantic. Only use a model with a sleep timer. If you have small sleeping quarters, the fireplace will look more impressive in this room.

Home Office

Do you work at home? If so, this appliance could add warmth to your office while greatly enhancing the room’s appearance. You might save money because you won’t need to use the central heating system very often when you work.

Living Room

Although a fireplace may look smaller in a spacious parlor, it will benefit guests and your entire family in this location. You can use the shelves to store books, movies, music or stereo equipment.

Dining Room

A fireplace would improve the ambiance of your dining area and help keep meals warm. Remember that it shouldn’t share the same electrical circuit as a nearby microwave oven, coffee maker, or refrigerator.


If a room has well-sealed windows with two or more layers of glass, it doesn’t matter where you put the fireplace. However, occupants will feel substantially warmer when you position a heating appliance below a drafty window.


Don’t locate this equipment in an area that requires you to use an extension cord. Keep it away from combustibles and major sources of moisture, such as stoves, humidifiers, hot tubs, and bathrooms.

To sum it up, you can put an electric fireplace in many different locations. The best choice varies depending on your heating needs, personal preferences, family size, and home design. It’s also important to keep the electrical requirements of this appliance in mind.

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